A Campus Marketing Officer is a current student of an MBA institute who acts a project manager for BizResearchLabs projects at his/her institute and act as an interface between the student community and BizResearchLabs.

Responsibilities of a Campus Marketing Officer : 

  • Coordinating with BizResearchLabs team for floating Industry Projects
  • Coordinating with BizResearchLabs for various campus activities :
  • Inviting applications and preliminary filtering of applications for projects
  • Aligning student expectations with industry expectations
  • Quality Check:
    • Weekly follow-ups with the project team
    • Performing fortnightly quality checks and informing BizResearchLabs about project status
    • Ensuring adherence to professional standards in content and presentation
  • Timely raising of red flags in case of poor quality or unprofessionalism
  • Prompt recognition to students on successful completion of project
  • Organizing BizResearchLabs Consulting Frameworks workshop at campus
  • Encourage enrollments in BizResearchLabs certification
    • By highlighting value-add to the skill sets and CV
    • By providing group discounts, if possible
  • Mailing the Weekly Newsletter from BizResearchLabs
    • Components of Weekly Newsletter
    • Detailed explanation of one consulting framework
  • One article each from Consulting, Marketing, Finance, and Operations Domain
  • Inviting articles from the students for BizResearchLabs Weekly Newsletter

Benefits for Campus Marketing Associate :

  • Opportunity to implement a holistic marketing strategy for BizResearchLabs
  • Access to BizResearchLabs Online Workshops and certification exam
  • Interaction with co-campus marketing associates
  • Chance to organize various events and workshops by BizResearchLabs
  • Opportunity to work on a live project
  • Goodies from BizResearchLabs for the work done well

How to Apply:

To apply for BizResearchLabs Campus Marketing Officer you can mail us your resume to admin@bizresearchlabs.com and we will contact you back for next steps of selection.