Who can do these projects?

Current MBA students (1st year and 2nd year) are eligible to apply for projects. Some projects may be open for 2nd year students or for any particular stream only. Some projects will also be open for BBA students, other graduation students, MBA aspirants and/or recent management graduates.

You will need to register with BRLAcademy to be eligible to apply for projects.


How will these projects help me?

Our endeavour is to get the projects from various corporates which are intellectually stimulating, challenging and requires good application of management/MBA related skills.

Students during their MBA education often miss out on the opportunities to work on such type of projects where they can test and enhance their learning, and hence they feel a gap in their learning.
These projects provide multiple benefits to students :-

  1. Experience of working on challenging projects that will make them reach out and expand their horizons.
  2. Chance of working on specialized projects in their chosen domain
  3. Significant value add in their resume
  4. Confidence of handling a challenging assignment under strict deadlines

Our team is fully involved in all the projects we get, and students would keep getting feedback on their work during the duration of the project. Projects while will give you hands-on experience and will also enhance your awareness and competence. These projects will provide you tools for excellent learning. These will also help you in strengthening of your resume.


What help will I be getting from BizResearchLabs for doing these projects ?

BizResearchLabs team will guide you and give you directions on how to approach a project problem. Completion of project deliverables will be students responsibility, BizResearchLabs will only provide the tools and guidance to complete the project. We understand that since these projects are very challenging and very different from the kind of projects you would have done till now you might face some difficulty in approaching them. We would help you in providing you an direction and help you out when you get stuck.


Do these projects have any deadline ?

Yes, all the projects are time bound. For every project deadlines have been set and agreed upon with our corporate partners and BizResearchLabs has the responsibility of delivering the projects on or before the agreed deadline.


What if I miss the deadline ?

Missing the deadlines may harm the community as a whole, and it may get difficult for BizResearchLabs to get quality projects in future from the same corporates. A project may not be accepted after the deadline.


What if I am stuck while doing these projects ?

BRL will give you directions to for successful execution. In case of doubts or if you are stuck you are always welcome to contact our mentor team which will help you in resolving the problem.

However we would provide you all the support and mentorship required from our side. We understand that since these projects are very challenging and very different from the kind of projects you would have done till now you might face some difficulty in approaching them. We would help you in providing you an overall direction and help you out when you get stuck.


I am in some different location and I have some locational constraints. How would I do these projects ?

We have a heterogeneous mix of projects. Some of the projects will require you to work closely with the management team of our partners and would require you to work at a particular geographical location. However there are some projects (especially in research domain) which could be done remotely. You can always choose those projects and location will not be a barrier.


What if I have applied and I don’t get a project

We get projects from our clients on an explicit and implict promise of quality embedded in it. Although we don’t doubt your commitment but sometimes your profile might not be suited for that particular project or that particular project might be oversubscribed. In that case one solution is that you can apply for some other project. But if you want to wourk in some specific area only and we believe that there is some learning gap that needs to be filled before you can work on that domain. We would suggest you some workshops and certificate courses after which you would become eligible for these projects.

Sometimes for certain projects we may get are in high demand and you will need to exercise some patience.

Will my project always be accepted.

No, it depends on the quality submitted.


Will I get any certificate after completion of these project ?

Yes. You will be given certification of completion the project after the successful completion of the project.


Is this summer internship?

No , this is not designed as a summer internship.  We strive our best to get projects with high learning value and guide students for successful completion. It is up to the students if they wish to take the project as their summer internship project.

Students can also do these project along with their summer internship as extra learning, if they feel they can justify and devote enough time.