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The assessment for Strategy certification would help you cement your grasp on the strategy frameworks and principles that forms the backbone of corporate planning. Becoming a certified strategist, would empower you to establish clear value metrics to untangle conflicting goals, embrace risk and uncertainty and handle “crisis mentality“ of corporations in a constructive way.

The certified strategist would be tested to anticipate the various socio-economic and political factors that contribute to the short and long term profitability of the corporate firms.

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Strategic thinking and the ability to look at the corporate issues from a bird’s eye view, sets the MBA and non MBA’s apart. The Certificate in Strategic Thinking is a program that is useful for both existing MBA students as well as working professionals.Management students would get an insight into how to identity and categorize the business problems and understand them through globally recognized decision analysis business models.

This certificate is imperative for industry professionals working in the capacity of strategists, senior management, business consultants, marketing managers and entrepreneurs. It would help to strengthen their business understanding through universally proven strategic approaches, which would foster their confidence, in taking on the challenges to breakthrough conceptual roadblocks in idea generation to implementation.



BRL certification in Strategic Thinking demonstrates that the individual has the potential to succeed and the zest to be consistent in the world of corporate strategies.

Those possessing professional certifications are more likely to excel in their career path. By adding a BRL certification to your portfolio you can demonstrate that you possess the key understandings necessary to implement and execute strategic decisions.

The certificate can benefit you in a personal and professional way. Refined decision making skills and an accelerated career growth path usually top the list.

While not all employer require a certification, having a BRL certification in Strategic Thinking on your resume is a strong indication of your interest and motivation in pursuing a career in this field.


  • Business Problem Solving Tools
  • Economic and Financial Frameworks
  • Strategic Frameworks
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Pattern Based Strategy
  • Developing Business Plan
  • Business Cases


Test Details

  • Assessment will be of half an hour duration comprising of MCQ based questions to be taken Online
  • After registering for the test you will be provided with the link for content which has been carefully curated from best online resources
  • You can take your time to prepare for the test by going through the content and you will have 4 weeks to come back and give the test
  • You will be given one chance to take the test
  • BRL doesn’t own the curated content and shares it for reference purposes only. Registration charges are for the test assessment and not for the content

What others have to say : 

The best part about this certification is that I can take the classes whenever I have time. This was very important to me as i have a hectic schedule but still i was passionate about learning strategy.”  – Aayara Shaheer, Tapmi

“Simply put, this is one of the finest resources for anybody interested in making a career in strategy, consulting or general management.” – Vijay Goel, Ebay

“An excellent Strategic Primer – covers even those topics which are not covered in a normal MBA.”  – Ankur Garg, Business Consultant, Ernst and Young

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